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It takes only a minute of poor judgment on your part that could lead to a lifetime of mental and/or physical pain and suffering. Don’t take chances with the lives of your family members – authorize a criminal records check today, and ensure the safety of those who put their faith, trust, and lives in your hands.
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Today, you can never be too sure of the acquaintances you make and the company you keep. A criminal records check can furnish you with the information that you need in order to ensure the safety and security of yourself and those you love. By authorizing a criminal records check, you are assured of either receiving the confirmation of your darkest apprehensions or the reassurance that your fears are unsupported.

Twenty-seven years ago, in a shopping mall in Florida, six year old Adam Walsh was dropped off at a game room by his mother while she priced an item in a nearby store. Two minutes later, she returned to the game room only to discover her son was missing. Two weeks later, his head was found floating in a nearby stream. The boy’s murder was finally solved this month.

Can you imagine the pain and suffering endured over the years by the parents of the boy? Because of the dedication of John Walsh, the boy’s father, and through his involvement with the Criminal Justice System, new mechanisms are in place today to enlighten us as to the background of people who associate with our loved ones of all ages. Criminal records are databased for easy access for us to find out the information we need in order to protect our families from all kinds of predators.

While none of us would leave our small child alone anywhere these days, we are, on occasion, forced to leave our children in the presence of someone we know nothing about. It could be the aunt or uncle of a teammate on your daughter’s 7th grade church basketball team, or a new tenant next door who has volunteered to teach your son how to play the piano.

These are real-life cases that require your immediate and full attention. Do you know anything about the past of these people to whom you are entrusting the care of your children? If the answer is a resounding, “NO”, your actions need to be swift and decisive.

By utilizing the services of a professional criminal records retrieval firm such as, you will get the answers you need in order to protect your loved ones. In the time in takes you to cook an egg, the criminal records retrieval team of will access the following files, and post the information on your computer screen discreetly, so that no one will ever know that you authorized a criminal records check.

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